August 21, 2017

One Day You Weren't A Baby Anymore

I don't know when it happened.

But one day you transitioned from a baby to toddler. Every day you are less of a baby and more of a little girl. 

Today your daddy noticed how your hair is starting to drape down the back of your neck. I put it in a tiny ponytail the other day and died at how grown up you looked. Tonight you were snuggled on my lap as we watched videos of you from this past winter. I marveled at the stark contrast between the baby in the videos and the little lady in my arms. You giggled as you watched yourself play and babble. I giggled at the kick you got out of it. 

I recently read an article that put our fleeting time together in perspective. Summer number one was honestly a blur because we were trying to get the hang of life together. And now summer number two of 18 is over too, just like that. It is still a blur because it was over in the blink of an eye, but we made priceless memories and you showed us more of yourself. 

This summer you took your first airplane ride. You felt ocean sand between your toes and suddenly decided that you hate vegetables. You were relaxed by swimming pools and lullabies. You were thrilled by your cousins. Your tantrums became more terrible and someone *may* have told me that your terrible twos have started early. You started calling our sweet kitty cat by his name...and then every other animal (dog, cat, or squirrel) became "Gun-der" too. You started freely sharing your affection with puckered lips and "mmmmm's." You danced...a lot. At every summer party, we knew it was a given that you would gravitate towards the music so you could bounce and clap your hands. 

We discovered just how goofy you are and lovingly began referring to you as "the CEO" because of the way you walk with such purpose and talk like you are barking out orders. Your goofiness and confidence are my favorite things about you right now. I hope you are always silly and always as sure of yourself as you are in this season. I also love how you cackle when you laugh and how your skin is still baby soft. These are the things I am holding on to, the things I don't ever want to forget. 

You're not a baby anymore. You're a brave, loving, and curious little girl. You are joy personified. 

You make me so proud, little one. 

August 18, 2017

Marc Jacob's Eye-conic Palette Review

This is me playing with Marc Jacob's new eye-conic palette while Jadybug naps.  I was ecstatic to receive this gorgeous eyeshadow complimentary from Influenster. 

I have always loved makeup, but I honestly consider myself an amateur when it comes to applying it. I'll admit that I am pretty clueless about products and techniques. BUT that doesn't mean that I don't love trying new things! I've always loved neutral shadows, so I was excited to receive the palette in "Glambition." 

Here's what I love about it: First of all, the colors go on smoothly. I could gently swipe my shadow brush, just getting a little bit of shadow on my eyelid, and it really made my eyes shimmer... a little bit goes a long way! The shimmer is glamorous without being too over the top. It's a great everyday shadow, that still makes you feel a little extra special. The best part was that by the end of the night, my eyes looked exactly the same as when I took these photos... the shadow didn't crease and it still looked like I had just applied the shadow.

If I have any constructive criticism at all, I did notice that the shadow seems to be a little loose. I've noticed this more recently, so it didn't loosed right away. But now that I have had it a bit longer, the shadow seems loose and gets tossed around in the container. But other than that, it is amazing! I love it! 

I also used it for a little bit of contour and highlighting (Is that even a thing with eyeshadow? Oh well... it's a thing for me!) and love the extra glow it gave! 

Has anyone else tried this product? Any other products that I need to try?!


August 16, 2017

Swaddled Babe's Essential Cover: The Most Versatile Accessory for Mamas of Littles.

Mamas of littles, I've found the most versatile accessory around: the Essential Cover from Swaddled Babe. I've seen similar products on the market and have always wanted one simply for the versatility. This cover is's a car seat cover, a nursing cover, and a shopping cart cover! 

I was so excited when Natalie from Swaddled Babe reached out to me because I know so many moms who would love one of these! Her Essential Covers are priced SO reasonably AND her prints are adorable. I chose the "Shiplap Rose" print...I had a hard time choosing which print I wanted because they are all so cute!  

Jade and I took a trip Target yesterday and got to test it out as a shopping cart cover since that is how we will primarily use it until it's time to add another little one to our family. Jade loved it and giggled the whole time! 

I wish I had this when Jade was itty bitty to use as a slip proof car seat wraps around it perfectly and actually STAYS! 

Here I'm showing how the swaddle works as a 360°
nursing cover...we are past the nursing stage, but I look forward to using it this way with my next little one. 

It came packaged so gorgeously. This would make an amazing gift for a new mom! 

Swaddled Babe's Essential Covers are priced reasonably to begin with (especially for the quality, customer service, versatility, and pretty packaging!) HOWEVER, they are offering an amazing deal to you all: Today and tomorrow ONLY (August 16-17), you can purchase one for $15.99 (regularly $39.99) with the code JADE16 . Order as many as you want at that price for a flat shipping rate of $5.99. You can order your own here

With all of it's uses, which way would you be most excited to use it??


Thank you to Natalie from Swaddled Babe for gifting me with one of your beautiful Essential Covers!

April 23, 2017

Spring 2017: More Family Photos!

We did a quick outfit and location change for the second half of family photos by our friend, Levi.  I love that Jade came out of her shell a little bit for the second half...she had woken up from her nap right before we began the first half and seemed a bit camera shy (which is so unlike her)... but you can see more of her joyful spirit in these! 
Jade's romper is from Tea... I had never heard of this store until my mom picked this up for Jade's birthday. I think it's so adorable. She'll get a lot of use out of it this summer! 

This one might be my favorite! 

A Jadybug sandwich :)

It was actually kind of a windy day, and I have to laugh at all of my baby hairs just making their presence known! Darn postpartum hair! 

And now the hard part...deciding which ones to have printed for our home. :) If you're in the Toledo area, make sure you book a session with Levi!


April 22, 2017

Family Pictures + A Simple Update

Our friend Levi, who is talented at literally everything, took these photos for us. I love these pictures and will cherish them forever. 

Here's a simple little family update:

Jade is now almost 14 months old. She is teething like crazy (seriously, she didn't have any teeth for so long, then she only had two, and now they are popping out at rapid speed! Unfortunately, she's one of those kids who gets fevers and diaper rash flare ups when she's cutting teeth...not fun!) She has just started walking within the past month. She still crawls a lot, but is on her way to walking full time. 

I am always looking back at the pictures we've taken of Jade over the past 14 months. She has changed so much! When she was born her hair was really dark. Then it began to fade to light brown, to auburn, to strawberry blonde, and now to sandy blonde. 

We celebrated her first birthday pretty quietly. Brian and I took her to Chick-fil-a for her "birthday dinner" and then to Target (I am rolling my eyes at myself...I am fully aware of how #basic we are teaching her to be) and bought her this hilarious piano that resembles Gunther and actually meows when she presses the keys. She loves it and it's so funny that it's not completely obnoxious when she bangs on the it. ;) This girl loves music and I love watching her dance moves! My parents came up later in the week and we celebrated with cupcakes.  

I almost have a full school year of being a "teacher-mom" under my belt. Jade has a wonderful babysitter who loves her so well, which makes leaving her each morning much easier. She has just started to cry a little bit when I drop her off, which breaks my heart, but I know that I will get to be home with her for the summer soon enough. Brian and I are attending a youth ministry conference next week and that will be the first time I will be away from Jade for more than a work day. She is going to spend the week in Cincinnati with her Nonni and Pops and will certainly be getting lots of love. :) 

Stay tuned for more family pictures!