August 18, 2017

Marc Jacob's Eye-conic Palette Review

This is me playing with Marc Jacob's new eye-conic palette while Jadybug naps.  I was ecstatic to receive this gorgeous eyeshadow complimentary from Influenster. 

I have always loved makeup, but I honestly consider myself an amateur when it comes to applying it. I'll admit that I am pretty clueless about products and techniques. BUT that doesn't mean that I don't love trying new things! I've always loved neutral shadows, so I was excited to receive the palette in "Glambition." 

Here's what I love about it: First of all, the colors go on smoothly. I could gently swipe my shadow brush, just getting a little bit of shadow on my eyelid, and it really made my eyes shimmer... a little bit goes a long way! The shimmer is glamorous without being too over the top. It's a great everyday shadow, that still makes you feel a little extra special. The best part was that by the end of the night, my eyes looked exactly the same as when I took these photos... the shadow didn't crease and it still looked like I had just applied the shadow.

If I have any constructive criticism at all, I did notice that the shadow seems to be a little loose. I've noticed this more recently, so it didn't loosed right away. But now that I have had it a bit longer, the shadow seems loose and gets tossed around in the container. But other than that, it is amazing! I love it! 

I also used it for a little bit of contour and highlighting (Is that even a thing with eyeshadow? Oh well... it's a thing for me!) and love the extra glow it gave! 

Has anyone else tried this product? Any other products that I need to try?!


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