December 12, 2017

Advent Halfway Recap

I can't believe December is almost halfway over, and we are at our halfway point for our advent activities! Here are the activities we've done so far:

December 1: Jade opened her Christmas pajamas and we watched Christmas movies together.

December 2: We read Little Golden Books, "The Christmas Story" and got out our Little People Nativity set.

  December 3: We made snowman donuts for breakfast.

December 4: Jade opened her ornament for this year. Each year I want to get my kids a special ornament for them to open and hang on their tree, so this tradition officially started this year! We did this growing up and it was so fun. 

December 5: We made Rudolph ornaments...I think they were intended to be made with thumb prints, but Jade's thumbs are still so tiny that we used her big toe. ;) The link that I pinned to my Pinterest board is currently not working, but you can see the concept by looking at the picture I pinned. It's also on my Instagram with some of our other activities. 

December 6: This was St. Nicholas Day, so I filled Jade's shoes with some fun snacks.

December 7: I found some nativity scene foam stickers at Michaels, so we played with those and talked about the characters. She LOVES stickers! 

December 8: We took Jade to see Santa and then ate breakfast for dinner at Cracker Barrel. We did this last year as well and it was so fun. She actually bit her tongue really badly while we were waiting in line. That was her first big "boo boo" with blood and it broke our hearts. She took it like a champ though, and still enjoyed herself afterwards.

December 9: This is the only day we haven't done. We were set to make Santa pancakes, but Jade was finicky with her food, due to hurting her tongue the night before. I also knew the strawberries would potentially hurt it due to the acid, so we are going to try to do this one this coming weekend instead.

December 10: We had a "Christmas Music Dance Party." Okay, we've actually done this one quite a bit and will continue to do so. :)

December 11: I cut a little Christmas tree out of some green felt and gave Jade some tweezers and pom-poms she could use to "decorate" it. She tried the using the tweezers at first, but realized using her hands was way faster! This was one she really enjoyed. Here is where I found the idea. 

December 12: We made this snowman out of an old coffee creamer container and cotton balls. Jade came down with an ear infection last night and we were up all night! I stayed home with her today and we rested up with meds, Christmas movies, and this activity. Idea found here. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely December and a wonderful start to the best time of the year!! :) 


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