August 21, 2017

One Day You Weren't A Baby Anymore

I don't know when it happened.

But one day you transitioned from a baby to toddler. Every day you are less of a baby and more of a little girl. 

Today your daddy noticed how your hair is starting to drape down the back of your neck. I put it in a tiny ponytail the other day and died at how grown up you looked. Tonight you were snuggled on my lap as we watched videos of you from this past winter. I marveled at the stark contrast between the baby in the videos and the little lady in my arms. You giggled as you watched yourself play and babble. I giggled at the kick you got out of it. 

I recently read an article that put our fleeting time together in perspective. Summer number one was honestly a blur because we were trying to get the hang of life together. And now summer number two of 18 is over too, just like that. It is still a blur because it was over in the blink of an eye, but we made priceless memories and you showed us more of yourself. 

This summer you took your first airplane ride. You felt ocean sand between your toes and suddenly decided that you hate vegetables. You were relaxed by swimming pools and lullabies. You were thrilled by your cousins. Your tantrums became more terrible and someone *may* have told me that your terrible twos have started early. You started calling our sweet kitty cat by his name...and then every other animal (dog, cat, or squirrel) became "Gun-der" too. You started freely sharing your affection with puckered lips and "mmmmm's." You danced...a lot. At every summer party, we knew it was a given that you would gravitate towards the music so you could bounce and clap your hands. 

We discovered just how goofy you are and lovingly began referring to you as "the CEO" because of the way you walk with such purpose and talk like you are barking out orders. Your goofiness and confidence are my favorite things about you right now. I hope you are always silly and always as sure of yourself as you are in this season. I also love how you cackle when you laugh and how your skin is still baby soft. These are the things I am holding on to, the things I don't ever want to forget. 

You're not a baby anymore. You're a brave, loving, and curious little girl. You are joy personified. 

You make me so proud, little one. 


  1. You put this so beautifully and you will love looking back on this one day! I love that you call her the CEO. Haha. I also love that all animals are Gunther! She is precious and you are an awesome Mama!!!!

  2. Your little one is so sweet! Honestly, I think about this all day with my little baby, well now she is a toddler! I adore seeing her learn and grow, but it also makes me tear up thinking of how small and tiny she used to be. I will always love her so.

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