September 05, 2017

Saying Goodbye To Summer In Black And White

 Today (Labor Day) felt like a regular summer day, but after today it looks like temperatures are really cooling off. I love fall, but I'm not like most girls who obsess over it. In fact, I'd take summer over fall any day. But summer must inevitably come to an end, so I am looking forward to the crisp air, trips to the pumpkin patch, a great cider and donut combo, and pumpkin flavored goodies. Today we took advantage of our extra day off and slept in, then took a trip to Barnes and Noble for Starbucks and time to look around at books. I picked up some books for Jade to give to her at Christmas time. I LOVE children's books so much and had a hard time limiting myself! She loves looking through her books too, which makes my heart incredibly happy! I'd rather spend money on books than toys... kids grow out of toys so quickly and they just cause clutter. But books stay special for such a long time. Plus, I've always heard that the best way to spark a child's interest in reading is to have an abundance of books around...fine by me!! :) 

These pictures are from when we took Jade to the drive in last weekend. This was kind of a risk for us because we knew it was going to be WAY past her bedtime and that there was a chance she would just be tired and cranky and not make it enjoyable. But we also knew there would be a chance for her to love it. I am SO glad we decided to go for it. We took her to see "Leap" and it was an amazing experience! This was her first movie and we figured taking her to the drive-in would be a better option than taking her to the theaters since she would probably be loud. She absolutely loved watching the movie. She giggled, bounced, and clapped her hands during so many scenes! She actually WATCHED it too, and it was such a cute movie! It was so much fun to watch her excitement and to see it through her eyes. 

On another note... I've missed blogging. It's something I do for me in the midst of life's busy schedules and various demands. But it's definitely something that makes me happy. Sometimes I get insecure putting myself out there, but I feel like I really need some kind of creative outlet that I do because it fills me up, not because I'm obligated to. So with that, I want to post more consistently. 

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend. Thanks for reading!


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