November 23, 2015

Our Gender Reveal...

Brian and I struggled on whether we wanted to find out the gender of our baby before the birth. We loved the idea of an incredible surprise, but weren't sure if we realistically had the patience. Plus, we thought it would be so nice to start planning a little ahead of time. I'm the farthest person you'll ever meet from "type-A," but this type of planning is different...and FUN! So we decided that doing a gender reveal party would give us the build up and element of a surprise, but still give us the opportunity to plan ahead a little. 

Earlier this month, we realized we had two free Saturdays until the end of the year. We decided to try for last weekend to get some friends together because we didn't want to wait until December! When I went in for my ultrasound, my stubborn little sweet pea was all curled up...and wouldn't budge. I jumped around, changed positions on the hospital bed, and nothing. So we left the hospital without any information, still wanting to find out the following Saturday. 

I was referred to My Little Me- an ultrasound boutique in the area that specializes in determining genders and 3D pictures. I called and was able to get in right away...and baby girl was much more cooperative this time. :) It was an incredible experience seeing my baby in 3D on a big screen right in front of me...if you're in the Toledo area, I completely recommend it. So we got the information we needed and in an envelope it went. I'm pretty proud of my husband and I for not peeking until the reveal.

So here are some photos and captions from Saturday. We had a few friends come for our last minute party and it was perfect. 

 I just love her little face and dainty hands! 

 We had people wear their guess...
 ...and then vote. 
Our friends brought these cute cookies!

We have some of the sweetest friends to make time to come on such short notice, help make cute decorations, bring cookies, take pictures, let us use their phones to FaceTime family...and my wonderful friend, Elisa, for taking the envelope and bringing the basket with the right colored confetti. We may not have our family here in Toledo, but we sure have some amazing people in our lives. 

 When we were under the basket, it dawned on us: We're finding out...right now! 
Cue the countdown... 
After what seemed like forever, we pulled the paper and out came PINK CONFETTI!

We're having a baby girl! I was shocked...I was totally expecting to see blue! 

 Complete joy. I loved catching Brian's eye in that moment. 
 And then doing this. 
 My cute husband is going to be the best daddy to our little girl. 

 What a day. We can't wait to meet our sweet girl...the little girl I've dreamed about since I was one. The little girl who is perfectly handcrafted by the most amazing Artist and loved by the most mighty Redeemer. Already praying that she will come to know this confidently and live her life for Him. 

Thanks for reading!

November 19, 2015

We Can't Wait To Meet Our Little....


I am just beside myself. Full gender reveal post coming Monday.