September 18, 2017

Saturday Adventures and an 18 Month Update

Being away from my little one all day during the work week is tough. All you moms who work outside the home understand. But...they make weekends and holidays extra special and far from ordinary. 

During the work week, I try to get us out the door by 6:15. There's not a lot of time for morning snuggling and we certainly can't just take our time. Jade has become such a little snuggler and loves to be held and cuddled when she first gets up, so that is what we do on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Before we do anything, even before breakfast (but not always before coffee...), we just snuggle on the couch. Then after a few minutes, she will get up and walk me over to her highchair to let me know when it's time to eat! 

My favorite days include a slow morning where we don't have to rush off to anything, great coffee, and the perfect mixture of adventure and rest.  This past Saturday was just that. Jade and I started off our morning as usual with snuggles and breakfast and got ready to head to a local festival our town has once a year. They begin with a parade and have tents displaying local businesses, food trucks, outdoor games, and all the downtown shops and restaurants to go through. We sipped on iced coffees and grabbed lunch at one of our favorite Mediterranean restaurants. She is currently cutting two teeth so she was a bit moody and just COULD NOT be bothered with smiling to get her picture taken... good thing she's still pretty cute, anyway. :) Here are some photos from our day. 

Watching the parade. Poor bug had her fingers in her mouth a lot, since she's working on those two teeth. 

Love these two. 

I am obsessed with her little converse shoes! She actually LOVES shoes and when she's not walking around in mine at home, she wants to be wearing hers. 

She's reaching for a dog here...there were so many dogs out and Jade just didn't understand why she couldn't pet them! 

 We tried giving her a little flower to occupy her so she would look at the camera and smile...but no such luck! I think this is right before she flung me in the face with it... 

We came home and all three of us took a nap, which was GREAT! ;) And I actually woke up before Jade did which was also nice. I ended the day with a run with some friends in a park with a trail...we ran six and are trying to gradually increase our mileage. So yes, Saturday was the perfect blend of rest and adventure! 

Here's an 18 month update of our Jadybug:

  • She is starting to get CLINGY to me. When we're at home she pretty much freaks out when I leave the room, follows me EVERYWHERE, and is always putting her little arms around my leg. She is okay getting dropped off in the nursery on Sunday mornings, but has started to cry and cling to me when I drop her off during the week when I go to work. It makes it extra hard for this mama to leave her! I know she's fine once I am out the door, but I hate having to have her pried off of me and hearing her cry for me when I go. I know it's just a phase all kids go through and I am sure we will be past it soon enough. 
  • She is still obsessed with shoes. It was actually one of her first words, haha. 
  • She is also getting very interested in my jewelry, especially my necklaces.
  • She loves all animals and just wants all of them to love her too!
  • She does this thing where she moves multiple objects from place to place one item at a time. It might be the clothes in her hamper or the books on her bookshelf, but she will remove them one by one and start a pile somewhere else. Then once she has all the objects in a pile, she will start moving them again to a new pile, but only one object at a time... ??? It is so funny to watch and I just wonder what is going through her little mind. She seems to know exactly what she's doing and has a system and method for everything! 
  • Her favorite fruits are apples and blueberries.
  • We don't have a ton of toys for her, because honestly, she doesn't play with them that much! She prefers to play with "regular things," like my shoes, necklaces, her clothes, and the most random objects around the house. Of the toys she does have, she enjoys her stuffed animals, her books, any kind of ball, and this cat piano the most. 
  • She loves music, dancing, being chased, and playing hide and seek. 
  • She's in a weird phase where sometimes she takes two naps and then sometimes only one. I think she is in the process of dropping her morning nap altogether. 
  • She has a lot of love to give with frequent hugs and kisses! 
Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week! 



  1. My little one and I love the morning cuddles! I get to stay home with her, but often our mornings are busy since I watch another kiddo or we have errands to run. This morning however we just snuggled and I adore it so! My little one is just a wee bit younger than yours and also loves shoes! haha

    1. Ahhh, it's really the best, isn't it? They're so snuggly right after they wake up! I bet you love being home with your sweet girl!

  2. Morning cuddles are the best! My baby girl loves shoes, too. And she's definitely taking things one at a time and piling them up, as well. Isn't it cool to see their little minds at work? PS - your daughter is adorable!

    1. Thanks, girl! It's hilarious to try to figure out what's going on in their minds. Sounds like our little ones have some things in common! :)

  3. Oh my goodness she is CUTE! Love the update. It is amazing how fast time goes. I remember when you were pregnant. I bet mornings during the week are hard. Glad you are enjoying your weekend time. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment on my post.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. Thanks, Amy Ann! I really enjoy following along with your posts. Seeing your success is incredible (and refreshing to still see such humility and sincerity).

  4. What a cutie! I wish it was socially acceptable for me to wear those shoes she has on. I love them! Lol.

    1. HAHA, I know righttt... but they are Converse, so maybe there is a metallic adult version?!

  5. Aww! Your little lady is super cute!! She's my kinda girl being obsessed with shoes!! LOL!!