December 31, 2015

Top 15 of 2015

Happy Last Day of 2015! I think it's always fun to reflect on the great things that have happened over the past year. Here are my personal top 15 moments of 2015. 

1. We rang in 2015 at a worship service at IndyCC. 

2. I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon with my mom at Disney World.

3.  We paid off one of my two student loans! This was huge for us, as one of our big time goals is to be debt free. Thankfully, we only had my student loans for debt, and now we only have one. Paying off the first one (with the highest interest rate) was so motivating to get this next one knocked out in the next few years. 

4. Brian and I celebrated five years of marriage. 

5. We joined a small group from church and really began to feel connected to various friends here in Toledo. 

6. We tried tandem bike riding for the first time?! I know, riveting. (Really I just love this picture.)

7. This past summer, I officially kickstarted this blog, focussing on fashion and lifestyle. I got to write a couple sponsored posts, which I didn't expect to happen in the first six months. There's still a lot more I want for this blog of mine, but I'm happy I started it. 

8. We took our high school students on our first mission trip to Buffalo, NY, as a student ministry.

9. And not too long after we got back, this happened... 

10. We hosted 14 family members up here over Labor Day weekend and broke the news to them with personalized coffee mugs. 

11. I found out my sister in law is due with a baby the day after me! We've been having so much fun being pregnant together and planning future cousin activities! 

12. I started a study on Revelation through BSF with some girlfriends. This book is so fascinating, mysterious, and awakening. 

13. Brian and I hosted a gender reveal party with some of our favorite people in the area and found out that we are having a little girl! What an amazing day. 

14. I found out that one of my friends up here is also pregnant with a baby girl and is due a few weeks after me. This also has been way too much fun ;)

15. Brian and I celebrated our last holidays with it just being the two of us (and Gunther, obviously). This was extremely bittersweet. It got us thinking about fun traditions we want to start with our kids. 

Reflecting really reiterates how blessed we've been this year. 2016 will be a whole new ballgame with us adding to our! It still shocks me thinking about it. I always said that once the new year hit in January, March 15th will be here before we know it. Here we are in the home stretch... I'm sure 2016 will be a year of many awesome memories and challenges, too. I'll be attempting this whole mama thing, continue teaching 4th grade, and having fun and learning alongside our awesome junior high and high school students at church. Brian and I will learn how to be husband and wife while also being mom and dad. I want to make this blog better, too.  I get butterflies with nerves and excitement thinking about 2016! 

Hope everyone has a great time celebrating tonight! More posts to come next year ;)


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  1. Such a great year!! And you'll be a mama in 2016!!!!!! Yay! Love you!