October 07, 2015

Our Family Pregnancy Announcement...

Oh hello, Best-Surprise-Ever....

On August 3rd, we found out that our lives were about to drastically change... but we're pretty excited about it ;)

Now since Brian and I both live far away from our families, telling them in person was going to be slightly more difficult. We had to wait until I was almost 13 weeks before we could tell them the news. So we invited both sides to come up for Labor Day weekend. 

We played it off with us just wanting to get the family together for the holiday weekend. 

We went to the farmers market, ate lunch at Tony Packos, and enjoyed some time at Trapped Toledo. 

While we were at lunch, my sister-in-law revealed that she is pregnant with her third! And ironically she was 13 weeks! Now inside I am bursting with even more excitement than I can show at the time because omg we're due at almost the exact same time! But still, Brian and I keep quiet all. freaking. day. Longest day ever, btw. 

That evening for dinner, we take them to Zia's on the docks.  We eat a normal family dinner and then go outside to enjoy the view and some music... but not after ordering coffee and desert! While we're waiting for our dessert, we hang out outside and snap a few photos.

What our family didn't know is that while we were outside, our waitress was in on our plan and was placing special coffee mugs at everyone's seat alongside the dessert each person ordered. 

So finally we went back inside...

And it felt like years before anyone noticed their coffee mugs! Each coffee mug said "Grandma," "Grandpa," "Aunt," "Uncle," and "Cousin." In fact, I had to ask my mom, "How's your coffee??" before she realized what we were trying to tell her! 

Then there were hugs, tears, and O-M-Gs...and a few more pictures :)

We ordered our mugs from Personalization Mall and are really happy with the quality of the mugs and the fast shipping. 

And then this photo had to happen because my sister-in-law and I are due a week apart!

So there you have it... Baby Munafo. Coming March 2015. Already Loved. 

Thanks for reading!!!



  1. Congratulations! How exciting that you and your SIL are due so close!

    Fizz and Frosting

  2. Congratulations! Such a sweet way to make your announcement!

    xo - Michelle

  3. Big congrats !! I´m happy for you! :)


    Cury in the City
    Fashion Paris & Prague

  4. I love the mugs! Big congrats <3


  5. Congratulations! Such exciting news! Have a nice weekend!


  6. What a cute way to tell your family!! I love that idea... and your baby will be born in a great month (hehe, my bday is in March)!!


    All the Cute
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  7. Aw, that's such a cute way to break the news! I'm so excited for you. I love finding new blogs and coming upon such a marvelous announcement.

    Beauty V. Brains | fashion and beauty for smart girls who like stuff

  8. Awwe thats so sweet! I love pregnancy announcements! Its so sweet.


  9. CONGRATS! That's the most heart racing thing when the stick says positive!