July 13, 2015

4th of July Recap

Hello everyone and Happy Monday! It's been a whole week since my last post and I am working hard to get back on a five post per week schedule. I was hoping to get some more posts published last week while in New York, but there was not wifi where we were staying, and honestly, I think it was great to unplug. Brian and I took our high school students from church on a mission trip through Work Camps. It was an incredible week, but more about that later!

Here is a little recap from the fourth of July. Every year we go to Brian's parents home for family time, volleyball, water slides, horseback riding, amazing food, and fireworks. His parents live on 11 acres so it's accommodating to a lot of people. This year was a little different though, since we had to leave for our mission trip the next morning, and his parents live about 6 hours away. We had to leave before fireworks to get back and pack, then get up the next morning at 6 for another five hour drive to New York! We did catch some fireworks on our drive back though ;) 

My parents were able to join this year and brought our dog, Lucy, down for the party. She loved every second of it!

The kids had a blast making giant bubbles from the kiddie pool. 

My sister, Jenna. 

I think this is the first photo of my husband, Brian, up on my blog! Notice how our shirts are semi-coordinated...his family bought us all matching shirts to wear, haha! 

As you can see there were lots of super cute kiddos to play with! We love our fourth of July tradition with the Munafos! Did you have a great time celebrating, too?

Thanks for reading!! 



  1. Sounds like an amazing holiday weekend -- I love the fourth of july sunglasses :)


  2. Looks like a great holiday! It's always nice to unplug a little.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style