November 14, 2018

Preparing for Advent and Other Updates

Pardon me as I speak more cliches about how fast time is moving, but how in the actual world is it already mid-November? 

I am looking forward to this weekend because we are finding out the gender of our baby with a few family members (with a yummy donut cake) and then the following week is all about Thanksgiving and travels. The Holidays are here! 

I think (and I say that cautiously) that I finally have our advent activities planned and on the calendar. Most of them are simple things that we can just do at home, but a few of them involve some planning. We also have to work around family travels, so I try to get them planned as soon as possible. 

This past weekend we started some of our Christmas shopping and bought Jade her Christmas jammies that she will open on December 1st, as this is our tradition for the beginning of December. 

I got a few Christmas decorations out because Winter has come abruptly and I couldn't help myself. Every year I eagerly await for Anthro to reveal their holiday decorations and I am also loving the decorations from Target (obsessed with their Opal House line!) and Hobby Lobby this year. Christmas decorations are so special and sentimental so I enjoy getting some that our family will use for years to come. 

I have also become obsessed with establishing family traditions and I think the obsession is only getting bigger and bigger as our family grows. 

Random updates:

Jade is getting super interested in dinosaurs. She got to pick out a puppet at the bookstore the other day and out of all the cute kittens, puppies, and woodland creatures, she chose the t-rex! She loves it so much and calls it her dragon. If she gets to watch a cartoon, she will usually pick a dinosaur one. When looking through dinosaur books, she says, "Hi dinosaur, you're sweet!" (usually to the most ferocious looking ones!) I bought her some dinosaur feet slippers for Christmas and I think she is going to love them! 

I really need to start a quote book for Jade. She currently says the funniest things and I never want to forget them! Has anyone ever done this for their kids? 

I temporarily deactivated my instagram account. I did it on a whim, but I am actually loving the break! It can be overwhelming and sometimes instead of trying to keep up with everyone's lives, I need to focus on my own. I am not sure when I'll be back on, as I'm not giving myself any stipulations. It's just something I am doing for my own mental/emotional well-being, so I suppose I will get back on when I feel up to it! 

This has only gone on for about a week or so, but instead of drinking coffee in the morning before work, I have been drinking it when I get home in the evenings. I am currently running on water and honey crisp apples in the morning and I look forward to drinking a cup when I get home. PLUS it gives this preggo energy to accomplish all of the tasks I want to at home while chasing a busy toddler instead of crashing after the work day. 

This post was completely random, but I just wanted to check in. Happy Wednesday, everyone! 


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  1. I started recording quotes Aiden says on my phone because kids say the best things! Love these updates and love these pictures!!! We are advent ready too!!!!