April 04, 2018

Oh-Two-dles! Jade is two!

We recently had Jade's 2nd birthday party. Let me tell you guys, I don't love planning or hosting parties. Oh, I love to attend cute parties, but I get overwhelmed with the details when I am in charge. I realize that this is something I am just going to have to get over as a mom, but it's still not a strong point for me. However, there is nothing like seeing your little one be so happy and feel so special. She had a blast with both sides of Brian and I's family. I am extremely appreciative of them for making the trip up and for helping make the party happen. Seriously...my mom made almost all of the decorations (cricut for the win!), my sister-in-laws helped me with the food, my mother-in-law hauled both of her waffle makers up, and it took all of our hands loading and unloading everything. We did a Minnie Mouse theme since Jade loves "Mouse" and had a bunch of Minnie things. 

These are just a few i-phone pictures from her party. I posted more on my Instagram (as well as a video face diving into her cake). 

This was the end...she was so tired, haha! She definitely slept great for her nap right after!

"Two" is proving to be a new challenge for this mama. I'll have to do another post on what life is like in that aspect sometime. 

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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