March 30, 2018

Are You There, Spring? It's Me, Courtney.

Dear Spring... long time, no see. We're ready for ya. My wardrobe is ready for ya. My child is ready for ya (helloooo cabin fever). Feel free to arrive anytime now! K? K. 

I love this top because it's pretty enough to be a special occasion piece, but comfy enough for everyday. I actually wore it out for my birthday date with Brian and a few times since then. It has some real spring vibes going on. It's flowy, feminine, and ON SALE. It's under $20 and an extra 40% off right now. The sizes are going to sell out fast! 


                                                                           photos by Lylah Rose Wolff Photography 

Another great plus is that this top is machine washable. Can I get an AMEN? I get so annoyed with dressier tops that I have to hand wash or get dry cleaned. Honestly, who has time for that? 

Because it is still so chilly out, I paired this top with my Kaitlyn Pan OTK boots. They are pretty much the exact replica of the infamous Stuart Weitzman ones. 

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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(my top and jeans are exact, my exact boots are linked above and similar boot and bag styles are linked below)


  1. Thanks, Amy Ann! I love the neckline's so feminine! I hope you are having a great Easter!