August 11, 2016

How To Embrace The Slip Dress Trend

It's no doubt that 90's fashion is circulating and one of those trends is the slip dress. If you grew up watching Clueless or Friends, then you know that this trend was frequented by Cher and Rachel Green. 

When it comes to super trendy items, I don't like to spend a lot. Anything super trendy can be in an out in a few short months, so I don't think they are usually worth an investment. I will only try the trends that I really love, or the ones I can see becoming a classic or a wardrobe staple. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen that I recently scored a black vintage Dior slip for $10.00 at a local consignment shop. It was great because slip dresses are on trend, but $10.00 isn't a pretty penny. I also feel that something black and vintage Dior is worth having in my wardrobe forever.

All that to say that I am trying out the slip dress trend! I've rounded up a few looks that I love to inspire different ways to wear it. 

1. Effortlessly thrown over a graphic tee with booties:

2. Paired with a contrasting turtleneck: 

3. Placed over a classic striped shirt:
4. Used to pattern mix: 
Fashion Grunge

5. Layered under a chunky cardigan and sleek sandals:
 Harper & Harley 

5. With a leather jacket, choker, and sneakers: 
Riches For Rags

6. Accessorized with an oversized clutch and lace-up sandals:

Have you tried out this trend yet? If so, I would love to hear your ideas! Thanks for reading!



  1. Amazing photos! Love this!

  2. i love this i really need to give this a try